Leduc Portable Sign BylawsEach city has it’s own Bylaws concerning the usage and placement of portable signs. Below is a quick summary on the sign regulations for Spruce Grove.

General Sign Regulations include (but not limited to):

Sign Type # of Signs / Distance / Placement
Sign Specifications
Billboard Signs between signs 100.0m (328.0ft)between billboard and permanent free-standing sign 25.0m (82.0ft)between billboard and principal building on a parcel 10.0m (32.8ft)from an intersection 30.0m (98.4ft) 19.0sq.m (204.5sq.ft) max areano part of the sign is more than 9.0m (29.5ft) above ground
Free-standing permanent signs 1 per site with less than 60m (196.9ft) frontage1 per frontage for corner lots 0.3sq.m (3.2sq.ft) max area for each meter of street frontage to a maximum of 19sq.m (204.3sq.ft)
Identification Signs 6.0sq.m (64.5ft) max face area1.3m (4.3ft)max height
Inflatable Signs 8m (26.2ft) max height5m (16.4ft) when placed on roof or within 30m (98.4ft) of a residential district
Portable Signs 7.0sq.m (75.3sq.ft) max area3.0m (9.8ft) max height
Signs With Electronic Message Display 1 per 100.0m (328.0ft) for signs with a face area between 1.0sq.m (10.76sq.ft) – 2.3sq.m (24.75sq.ft)1 per 200.0m (656.16ft) for signs with face area greater than 2.3sq.m (24.75sq.ft) 6.0sq.m (64.5sq.ft) max face area
Wall Signs not more than 20% of the wall is covered

The Sign Regulations of the city of Leduc is stated under Part IX of the Land-Use Bylaw. Did not find what you were looking for? Here is a detailed copy of the Bylaw. Leduc Portable Sign Bylaws.

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